My Process

My clients are busy and don’t have the time to actively manage their investments and stay on track with their financial plan. They understand the value of a financial advisor and are looking for one they can trust to put their best interests first and manage their plan for them. Serving as your investment partner, I am committed to helping you pursue your unique financial goals and objectives by following a disciplined, holistic planning approach.


The first step is getting to know each other. I take the time to understand why you’re seeking help from a financial advisor, what keeps you up at night, and what your ideal retirement looks like. I also evaluate how conservative you’d like to be with your investment strategy based on your time horizon, investment objectives, and any tax considerations.


Next, I take you through the investment consulting process, which is designed to help me determine how to best address your financial goals and dreams. During this phase, I share my investment portfolio recommendations, customized asset allocation strategies, wealth management opportunities, and more.


Once we have agreed upon a direction for your financial plan and investment strategy, I open accounts and we focus on funding.


After your plan is in place, I provide quarterly performance reports, ongoing due diligence of investment managers, investment newsletters, tax harvesting, and portfolio rebalancing. At least once a year, we meet to review your plan, determine any changes that need to be made, and ensure you are on track with your strategies.